May 25, 2015


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January 2, 2013

American Made Work Wear

Spring Metal x Domestics work wear line

February 25, 2011

Habitat/Metal Collab

Habitat/Metal Collaboration Out Now

January 31, 2011

Son, you got a panty on your head.....

Son, you got a panty on your head, it's a quote from a movie called Raising Arizona, and this trip was nothing less then what I expected, panties on the head. The desert can be a crazy place, sometimes it's like the getto with sand and cactus but way better looking and a lot less Canadian if you know what I mean. These are the few photos I took when I could keep my sanity.

January 6, 2011

Asbury Park Skaters/Tri City News

A few weeks ago our local press (Tri City News) wrote a story about the Asbury Park Casino Shoe that was released in June 2008, they got the story all wrong and focused on the exploitation of the town that Nike supposedly took. After a knock on there door and a lot of hate mail they gave us the "Skateboarders Of Asbury" a chance to let everyone know what that time and that place meant to us and exactly why the shoe was made:

Clearly stated on this newspaper’s website are the words that read “The triCityNews is an alternative newspaper focusing on the arts, culture and politics in eastern Monmouth County, New Jersey.” Their mission...”to identify and promote the creative and alternative throughout the area. We have placed particular emphasis on promoting the restoration of Asbury Park to its rightful place as one of the great progressive and multicultural small cities in this country”.

While we (the skateboarders of Asbury Park) are not writing to debate any of those statements, we are disappointed with the editorial that ran on December 16, 2010. On the cover of that week’s paper was a thumbnail image of a shoe, created by Nike, for the long departed Casino Skatepark with a caption that read ‘Nike Exploits Asbury’. Opening to the feature story, the reader is welcomed by these words ‘Nike Jumps On The Asbury Bandwagon’.

We are not sure what bandwagon the paper was referring but let’s start by bringing the public up to speed about what exactly was transpiring at the Casino Skatepark and Asbury Park in 1997.

Geographically, the Casino Skatepark was located at the South end of the Asbury Park boardwalk and was in operation during a time better left forgotten. Somewhere between the city’s glory days and its recent facelift, the Casino Skatepark was built and run by skateboarders. There was no better example of arts, culture and independent thought in Asbury Park, especially in the late 1990‘s, than the events that took place over the course of two short years at Casino Skatepark.

Back in 1997 a group of skateboarders secured permission to build a skatepark at the Casino. It was completed and opened in 1998 without any press releases or public accolades, and limited (to say the least) support from its landlord, The City of Asbury Park. Providing inexpensive rent was just about the least the City could do...and that is just what they did, the least they could do. The heating, plumbing and structural repairs were all done by the skateboarders, each lending their skills from each trade, on their own dime.

Once opened, the staff at the Casino Skatepark reached out to Vans Shoes to make them aware of the park and see if Vans had any interest in supporting it. What came out of those discussions was a relationship between the park and Vans that would 1) make Casino Skatepark a part the 1998 Warped Tour, using their indoor bowl at the Casino for the Warped Tour competition and 2) release a Casino Skatepark Tribute shoe. During and after the Warped Tour, the Casino Skatepark would double as a music venue, hosting bands like Murphy's Law, Lords of Brooklyn, Lord Sterling & The Bouncing Souls.

Equally as important as the contribution the venue made to skateboarding and music communities (both locally and nationally) was its influence with the urban youth. Countless kids from broken homes and less than suitable family situations found not just shelter at the skatepark, but a welcoming into a world of sharing, experiencing and learning that they had never gotten at home or even at their schools. It wasn’t unusual to see school books at the skate shop counter and kids being helped with homework before, during or after skate sessions.

After the park closed, many of the key figures involved with Casino Skatepark went on to make their mark in the skateboard industry as professional skaters, writers, skatepark designers and even into the skateboard footwear market. One of these individuals while working for Nike, approached the company with an idea of a tribute shoe. A shoe to show respect for a time and a place in the lives the skateboarders of this community as not just a place of business but as a place many called home. A place where community and creativity came first above and before media accolades, public accepted and even money.

As we mentioned before, we’re not too sure what bandwagon this paper was alluding to in the piece of December 16, 2010, but this shoe represents Asbury Park from a time when the Asbury bandwagon appeared to have been car jacked, taken for a joyride and stripped for parts (and tax credits).

It was the skateboarders of the community that made these things a reality. The events that transpired at the Casino Skatepark and later at the Deal Lake Pool have been documented in magazines, books and film. People around the world recognized the hard work and dedication of skateboarders who cared for a city when it appeared that even it’s town fathers had become dead-beat Dads. It thrived long before the art galleries, coffee shops and bars that offer canned beer on the same drink list as martinis would line the downtown streets, walking a fine line between gentrification and homogenization.

If and when another skate shop or skate park opens in Asbury park, its legacy will not be defined by whether it ‘furthers the cultural stock’ of the street where it lives, simply adding another piece to some jigsaw puzzle of a downtown scene. It should provide the skaters of this community with a voice and an outlet to be creative both on and off their boards, showcasing the art and music that comes from this creatively in a way that hasn’t been represented in this city since the Casino Skatepark closed its doors.

The story of December 16, 2010 so enraged all those involved with the Casino Skatepark that it triggered an endless trail of emails and phone calls. We, as the skateboarders of Asbury Park, are not here to further any political debate over how Asbury Park should or should not look, how it should be represented or what business should or should not come into town. All we wanted to be able to do is present the facts about how the Casino Skatepark Shoe came to be.

The triCity News has made this space available to us (the skateboarders of Asbury Park) to voice our response to that article and we are thankful to be able to present the readers a small peek into an influential part of this city’s history. There were many involved with the skatepark and no names were mentioned in this article because, just like skateboarding, the Casino Skatepark was a group effort and no individuals meant more than the collective whole of the family that it became and always will be.

There two sides to every story. The triCity News voiced their opinion on December 16 and the skateboarders of Asbury Park have voiced theirs. Now that both sides have had their say, we can all move forward. Who knows, maybe one day we can all get together and laugh about this over a couple of grande mocha frappuccinos at the new Starbucks on the Asbury boardwalk. Kidding.

September 5, 2010

Habitat/Metal Wheels

Out Now In Sizes 53mm & 56mm

The Wall Ride Art Show

Sept 25th-26th In Asbury Park New Jersey

June 14, 2010

Eric J Ruwadi 1976-2009

Its been a year but seems like yesterday, Eric was everything this company/club stood for and was one of the few OG Metal guys from 1995 that was still around. He will always be in our thoughts and will be someone we will never forget.

June 9, 2010

Blazed & Confused

I got to sit in on this tour for a week and I gotta say it was one of the best vans I've been in, the youth keeps ya feeling young and the old keep ya feeling drunk. I you missed this tour you pretty much blew it, between the Air babies destroying everything in site and Ryan Lay's jack rabbit pop this was one for the books.

April 6, 2010

Asbury Ave....

With spring coming a lot of the guys have been out skating more and more, these days there seems to be a bunch of new kids popping up everywhere you go. Donny's been hitting Asbury a lot and met a few local kids that skate down there every day, kids that share one skateboard between 3 of them. Anyone that skates knows this ain't the way it should be, I mean what fun is it sitting there watching your friend skate when the whole point of skating is to skate "with" your friends, at the spots, down the street, basically anywhere and everywhere you can. When he came to me the other day asking if there was any extra product laying around for these kids and told me there deal it was something I didn't have to give a second thought too. Today we threw some completes together, grabbed some extra T's, hats, shoes and anything we could find that would get these kids stoked. Sometimes I forget why I picked up a skateboard 25 years ago, it's been so long you tend to forget the way it was and just see the way it is, now a days its pure bullshit, everyone wants to be the next big pro or every local kid in the park thinks he deserves free product cause they "think" there the best around here, well I got a news flash for yah, these kids deserve the product more then anyone I've met, they skate to skate and don't know or care about being sponsored or the next local pro. All in all I guess when you come from nothing you seem to appreciate the finer things in life when it's given to yah, things like a skateboard.

January 31, 2010

I'm Caught In A Bad Romance.......

Arizona.... what can I say, it might just be the best place in the US, aside from Jersey of course, but the locals kept saying " why did you bring Jersey to us". Why you ask, well it rained more in the week we were there then they seen in years, winds up to 80 miles a hour, just ask Fred, he circled Phoenix for 3 hours on a flight in from Miami, ran low on fuel, flew to Vegas to refuel and then back to Phoenix to circle for another 3 hours till the pilot decided they couldn't land and had to fly back to Vegas for the night, this guy spent a whole day in a plane and didn't even leave the country, talk about a great start to a trip....
Anyways once the crew got grounded things picked up as usual, lots of food, lots of beer, cars full of people, lots of driving, lots of gambling, pool games, broken sticks, slapping bouncers, riding in the back of pick up trucks, food, beer, A girl named Kelly Clarkson pissing in a urinal and then posing for the camera, a girl in a ditch and then her showing us how to stretch, cowboy Bill Strobeck, half sack Austin Gillette, Spiderman, What the Heck( worst dude ever), Poker with the Jaws family, Fred hearing a ghost at "4 AM" ring the door bell then knock on the door, Lady Ga Ga, food , beer, and everything else to make this a real shit show, oh wait we skated too.....
All in all AZ was worth every minute, it has been over 5 years since I've been there and I forgot how much that place ruled. Thanks to Matt Price and the homeys for putting up with us NJ Scum and the ones left standing, compensation is on the way. As for me, I got right off the plane and went straight to Asbury for some food and beer. It's no AZ but its were I'm from and trust me that's the best trip of them all.